Handbook of Petrochemicals Production Processes (McGraw-Hill Handbooks)

Chemicals — and the process used to produce them — are a billion dollar business. Written by experts from major international petrochemical licensing firms, this innovative handbook details the latest and most powerful chemical processes used to create the most economically important chemicals in the world.

Handbook Of Petrochemicals Production Processes

Pub Date : 2005-01-01 | Author : Robert Meyers | Publisher : McGraw-Hill Prof Med/Tech

ISBN 10 : 9780071410427
ISBN 13 : 0071410422

Supported by some of the largest petrochemical and petroleum companies in the world, this unique handbook provides the secrets to the latest in licensed petrochemical technology fo..

Handbook Of Petrochemicals Production Second Edition

Pub Date : 2018-10-05 | Author : Robert A. Meyers | Publisher : McGraw-Hill Education

ISBN 10 : 1259643131
ISBN 13 : 9781259643132

A complete guide to petrochemicals production processes—fully revised to cover the latest advances Get all the information you need on petrochemical processes for major organic c..

Thermoplastic Materials

Pub Date : 2011-04-25 | Author : Christopher C. Ibeh | Publisher : CRC Press

ISBN 10 : 9781420093834
ISBN 13 : 1420093835

Practical and affordable, thermoplastics account for more than 90 percent of all plastic materials manufactured. That so many varieties are now available, speaks to the idea that w..

Using The Engineering Literature Second Edition

Pub Date : 2011-08-09 | Author : Bonnie A. Osif | Publisher : CRC Press

ISBN 10 : 9781439850022
ISBN 13 : 143985002X

With the encroachment of the Internet into nearly all aspects of work and life, it seems as though information is everywhere. However, there is information and then there is correc..

Handbook Of Petroleum Refining Processes Fourth Edition

Pub Date : 2016-03-18 | Author : Robert A. Meyers | Publisher : McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN 10 : 9780071850506
ISBN 13 : 0071850503

This fully revised resource presents the latest technologies and processes for petroleum refining from the world’s leading producers. Handbook of Petroleum Refining Processes has..

Using The Engineering Literature

Pub Date : 2006-08-23 | Author : Bonnie A. Osif | Publisher : CRC Press

ISBN 10 : 9780203966167
ISBN 13 : 0203966163

The field of engineering is becoming increasingly interdisciplinary, and there is an ever-growing need for engineers to investigate engineering and scientific resources outside the..

The New Walford

Pub Date : 2005 | Author : Albert John Walford | Publisher : New Walford's Guide to Referen

ISBN 10 : 1856044955
ISBN 13 : 9781856044950

First published in 1959, Walford''s guide to reference material achieved international recognition as a leading bibliographic tool across all subject areas. But, in the 1990s, the ..

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